"The more tools you have, the more problems you can solve."
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Ron Herman, direct third-generation master
housewright, toolwright and carpenter, can
help your group learn about woodworking at
your location:

  - Understanding the wood we all work with
  - Learning to properly use and care for tools
  - Fitting tools to yourself
  - Learning woodworking techniques and skills
  - Proper sharpening methods
  - Building specific projects
  - History of woodworking and tools
  - Much, much more!

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Our class schedule is out and we're taking reservations! Classes will be held at
the Columbus, Ohio mill at 4290 Indianola Avenue. Check out our
Seminars/Workshops page for course descriptions and registration. There is a
limit of eight people per class.

Feb. 8:     Intro to Molding - 8 hrs
Feb. 9:     Advanced Molding - 8 hrs
March 1:  Hand-Saw Basics - 8 hrs
March 22: Basic Dovetails by Hand - 8 hrs - With Chuck Bender!
March 23: Basic Dovetails by Machine - 8 hrs
April 5&6: Understanding Wood - 8 + 4 hrs (4 on Sun. morning)
April 12:   Braces and Build a Brace Box - 8 hrs
April 19:   Wooden Molding Planes - 8 hrs
May 3&4: Basic Joinery - 16 hrs
May 10:   Advanced Dovetails by Hand - 8 hrs - With Chuck Bender!
May 11:   Advanced Dovetails by Machine - 8 hrs
May 17&18: Bring Tools Back to Life - 16 hrs
June 7:    Chisels - Basics - 8 hrs
June 8:    Chisels - Advanced - 8 hrs
June 21:  The Joinery Challenge - Hand Tools - 8 hrs
June 22:  The Joinery Challenge - Power Tools - 8 hrs
July 11:   Hand-Saw Basics - 8 hrs
July 12:   Hand-Saw Sharpening - 8 hrs
July 13:   Hand-Saw Smithing - 8 hrs
TBDBuild-Your-Own Sawyer's Bench - 8 hrs

All classes are $180 (except for the Sawyer's Bench and Basic Joinery
workshops, which are $200). Materials included. 8-hour classes include lunch.
Please send us an email if you have any questions.
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