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Bodger's Mitts

If you're not a fan of wearing blisters into the palm of your hand from pushing planes or getting bruises from pounding chisels, Ron has a great aid for you. Called a bodger's mitt, this leather device helps protect and cushion your hand while using these and other woodworking tools. Watch as he explains the bodger's mitt below:

Below are two versions of Ron's bodger's mitts, in PNG format. They can be made out of heavy leather and snapped together (some people prefer Velcro) around your hand. If you are doing a lot of chisel work, you can use buffalo wither leather, which is very thick and heavy (but be aware it's hard to work with because of that).

Ron prefers to unsnap his and lay them flat in a drawer for storage, but some people sew the thumb area permanently and leave only the back for fastening. Do whatever works best for you.

The pictures can be downloaded and should be true to size (you will need to be able to print on ledger-size paper or tile letter-size paper together), but if not, scale it up until the length dimension is correct (if you have any problems with the pictures, we have also included a link to a PDF of each one). Print the plan, cut out the paper mitt and use it for a template. As Ron's hand is quite beefy, we suggest tracing it onto a piece of heavy cloth, try it out, and cut it down equally around all edges until it fits your hand well. Then trace it onto the leather, cut it out and add your snaps or Velcro (or take it to a seamstress or leatherworker).
Ron's Bodger's Mitt
Generic Bench Planing Mitt
PDF link - Ron's Bodger's Mitt
PDF link - Bench Planing Mitt
Please email us if you have problems with the download or questions about the mitts.