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Useful Information

WWR will be sharing information from saw-tooth charts to chisel sharpening bevel angles.
Coming soon--stay tuned!!
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Learn Your Lumber™

There is so much to know about the material we all use in our hobby/craft/trade - wood! We will give you useable information on different woods and how to choose appropriate lumber to help you learn to better use this versatile substance.  
Saw Sharpening Files

Here is a handy chart that recommends which files you should use to sharpen different hand saws.
File Type
PPI (Points Per Inch) of
7" Regular Taper
4 - 5.5
7" Slim Taper
6, 7
6" Slim Taper
6" X Slim Taper
9, 10
6" 2X Slim Taper
5" 2X Slim Taper
12 - 14
4" 2X Slim Taper
15 - 20
Bodger's Mitts

If you're not a fan of wearing blisters into the palm of your hand from pushing planes or getting bruises from pounding chisels, Ron has a great aid for you. Called a bodger's mitt, this leather device helps protect and cushion your hand while using these and other woodworking tools. Click here to view video and download the plans.